A meaningful way to keep track of all your digital assets.

What is TagAssets™?

TagAssets is a service for Digital Asset Management and collaboration. By combining powerful tools for both indexing and searching digital assets with an API for Business Process Automation, any organization using TagAssets can significantly reduce it's administrative overhead and at the same time increase productivity.

How does it work?

Using the simple and familiar practice of "tagging" digital assets with arbitrary keywords or phrases. In addition to being a great method for managing digital assets for individual users, this ability to create ad-hoc data models allows for easy integration of Business Process Automation with our API (accessed via HTTP).

Who should use TagAssets?

Anyone who uses digital assets either through direct collaboration with other users or in the capacity of managing projects can benefit from TagAssets' workflow. Offering far more control and safety over a "shared hard-drive" solution but without the expense and inflexibility of a structured data model, TagAssets is the ideal solution for many use cases.